Case Studies

Our case studies showcase both our most innovative and straightforward designs because the world needs both. While most of our products are confidential due to customer disclosure, we’ve curated a selection of products we’re excited to show you below.

Sun Mountain Golf Scooter

An off-road golf scooter that allows golfers to carry their golf bags on the scooter and travel around the golf course in style.

1 Putt Smart Putting Aid

1 Putt allows golfers to track their putt stroke in real time with the embedded IR sensors. The recorded result would be plotted in the mobile app for monitoring and improving their putting skills. For virtual condition training, it would provide a point-and-aim laser guide to simulate the putting conditions.

Portable hair picks

The portable hair picks are designed to be completely collapsible. The size of the hair picks is around a standard mobile phone size. Users can collapse the hair picks by moving the yellow slot up and down the track.

Bobaby Snail Snacker

The snail snacker provides an independent learning experience for young kids while enjoying nutritious snacks. The clicking lips and hidden treats encourages young kids to recognize color and train their fine motor skills.

OPTIM Golf Bag

The OPTIM golf bag is a combination of an on-the-go golf bag and an ergonomic golf cart. We designed and developed a gas strut-assisted easy opening structure that allows golfers to use both functions interchangeably.

Electric Kick-scooterElectric Kick-scooter
Electric Kick-scooter

The premium electric kick-scooter for the daily commuter delivering a smooth safe rider experience. It boasts up to 500 watt’s of power enabling you to tackle the roads with ease.

Hangover HaynetsHangover Haynets
Hangover Haynets

We designed haynets that improve the interaction between horses and the materials used to feed them, with a patented circular opening mechanism for simplified packing.

Chiller BodyChiller Body
Chiller Body

Freezable hat inserts that provide users instant heat relief while performing their typically work, rest, or play activities.

Electric Mobility BikeElectric Mobility Bike
Electric Mobility Bike

We invented the self-balancing off-road scooters, more than 50 million units sold of this worldwide within three years from 2015

Eco-friendly iPhone CasesEco-friendly iPhone Cases
Eco-friendly iPhone Cases

We designed and developed eco-friendly 4Ocean iPhone cases made from recycled plastics retrieved from the oceans

Self Balancing Electric ScooterSelf Balancing Electric Scooter
Self Balancing Electric Scooter

We invented the off-road self balancing two wheeled electric scooter

Connected DockConnected Dock
Connected Dock

All in one charger and light. A Beautiful, Compact iPhone & Apple Watch Charging Dock with USB-C Port and Multi Color LED lighting

Smart Fitness BarSmart Fitness Bar
Smart Fitness Bar

We designed and developed the product from start tio finish within six months

Powercell 10000+ Portable BatteryPowercell 10000+ Portable Battery
Powercell 10000+ Portable Battery

We designed, engineered and produced this high capacity battery from start to finish

Ventev Powerdock 2000Ventev Powerdock 2000
Ventev Powerdock 2000

Easy to transport with a built-in battery for instant power on the go for your iPhone


We designed and developed for 7 Eleven Disposable Masks for the US Market in support of COVID-19


We have designed and developed a premium made N95 valved mask to ensure the right comfort without jeopardizing protection standards

Romero Britto iPad caseRomero Britto iPad case
Romero Britto iPad case

We designed and manufactured under an exclusive Romero Britto license iPad case covers and other Apple related accessories for the North American and Latin American Markets