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Take product design ideas from initial concepts to working prototypes with our sophisticated mechanical design team. Armed with an abundance of mechanical engineering knowledge, we’ll bring your product vision to life.


As a manufacturer, we excel at transferring designs and concepts into a product prototype through ongoing iterations. We also know this is where many product visionaries get stuck as companies don’t have the mechanical and electrical engineering background to support their product’s functionality. Our customers and our team feel collective achievement after working hard to ensure a product performs as it should and know it will succeed in real-world manufacturing.

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Shark Design uses technical engineering expertise and detailed hands-on experience to construct a prototype ready to go to production. Our capabilities include CAD 3D modeling skills and materials knowledge to optimize, refine and test this product prototype to ensure it’s as precise as it can be.

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We design and develop products that drive commercial success.

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We design and develop products that drive commercial success.