OPTIM Golf Bag

A compact self-opening golf bag that allows golfers to enjoy the golf course freely with the ergonomic pulling trolley option.

Combination golf bag and golf cart

The OPTIM golf bag is a combination of an on-the-go golf bag and an ergonomic golf cart. We designed and developed a gas strut-assisted easy opening structure that allows golfers to use both functions interchangeably.

Iterations to achieve the best result

For every project, our team would collaborate and run through multiple stages of iterations to achieve visually and mechanically the best result. We generally start with more basic form factors and structure and later bring in more complexities, including material, texture, and finishings. For the golf cart, we began by developing a structure that folds naturally first and later developed a golf bag that works with the structure.

Structural detailing

It’s important to ensure that every tiny detail comes together during production and works fluidly during use. Therefore, we often work outs all the structural details through 3D models and rapid prototyping. The golf cart contains an array of parts interlocking together to achieve the folding motion. All these parts are thought through and developed with the intent of manufacturing.

Production-ready prototype

Before launching any new product, we would create a production-ready prototype that looks and feel exactly like the actual product. We would employ real materials and implement the actual structure. This helps to iron out any potential defeats and unforeseeable errors in the product.

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