Our Capabilities

Research, prototyping & production. We have the right tools to meet any product brief

Innovation Research & Design Strategies

Ethnographic Research

  • Observation and situational ethnographic research
  • Personas, stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Journey mapping, task analysis, and critical thinking exercises
  • Market, trend, and opportunity identificationTest the solution

Ideation Workshops & Creative Spaces

  • Ideation workshops in-house or at our Miami and Hong Kong product design studios.
  • Collaborative, creative workspaces to share and build ideas
  • Concept sprints, creative matrices, and team concept building
  • Modelling, mock-ups, storyboarding and prototyping

Electronic Product Development & Enclosure Design

Electronics Prototyping

  • PCB layout design, verification & validation
  • System architecture designSchematic design
  • Electronics prototype testing
  • Thermal modeling
  • Design for manufacturing verification

Rapid Injection Moulding

  • Compatible with 3D printed moulds or machined inserts
  • Well suited to small components
  • Provides testing of production polymers
  • Useful for validating material specific performance, i.e flammability, tensile or flexural strength

Industrial Design For PCB Enclosures

  • Aesthetics Design Detail
  • 3D CAD Enclosure Modelling
  • Electronic Housing DesignInner Electronic Structure Design
  • Sample Enclosure Production
  • Electronic Manufacture & Production

Silicone And PU Casting

  • Available with either Silicone or PU materials
  • Utilises 3D printed moulds
  • Food safe materials available
  • Allows for stretchable or flexible components
  • Produces custom seals and diaphragm components

SLA Prototyping

  • Multiple resins available to match material needs, such as heat, flex and stretch
  • Rapid turnaround and well suited to higher volumes
  • Low cost

Rapid Machining

  • Used with common materials and Polymers, such as Aluminium and ABS
  • Useful for early CE and compliance testing without tooling
  • Provides consumer durable components and parts
  • Can be used for initial batch production

Pre-Production Modelling

  • Pattern design and development
  • Well suited to small components
  • Materials testing and sourcing

FDM Prototyping

  • Various polymers available, such as Ceramic, Glass Filled, TPE, ABS, PLA
  • Well suited to structural and performance testing
  • Very low cost
  • Rapid turnaround

Prototyping & Golden Samples

  • Pattern design and development
  • Aesthetics Design Detail

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We design and develop products that drive commercial success.