Tipsy Flipsy Top

Tipsy Flipsy Top infant formula quick dose dispenser is the first of its kind! Developed by parents for parents, we offer an efficient and hygienic way to store and dispense your infants formula.

Infant Formula Quick Doser

Simply fill up to 800g/28oz of formula into the container, set the chamber to the amount of grams per scoop your infant’s formula calls for, connect the components and attach the top to the container. Now you’re ready to remove the cap and TIP the container over, dispense formula directly into the bottle hands free and FLIP it back upright, it’s that easy!

One Slide Per Scoop

Simply rotate the lever end to end for each scoop needed, based on your infant’s formula instructions, per how much you are looking to make. Reduce cross contamination by eliminating the use of the hand scooper that traditionally sits inside canned formula containers.

Product Packaging

The product packaging’s simple yet effective design, reinforced by the use of hard cardboard for rigidity and the integrated see-through window, enhances its functionality and appeal to customers while maintaining a cost-effective approach.


The Tipsy Flipsy TOP leaflet is a valuable tool that empowers customers to learn about the product’s features and usage instructions directly from the leaflet, promoting a seamless and enjoyable user experience while using the product.

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