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Your vision and our expertise come together to bring exceptional products to market.
Refined processes meet dynamic methods, empowering us to provide world-class sketching, designing, engineering, and manufacturing.

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Industrial Product Design Services

Working collaboratively with our clients, we form ground-breaking product ideas, validate their concepts, and find the most effective ways to take them to market.
Here at Shark Design, we take care of the entire end-to-end product development process.

This includes:
  • Planning
  • Strategizing
  • Sketching
  • Designing
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing
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Product Design & Development Cycle

Market Research

All of our industrial product design services begin with market research. After hearing your ideas, we take the time to assess competitors and learn about your target market. Our mission is to uncover potential gaps and opportunities to exploit, enabling us to create the most impactful product possible.
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Once we’ve validated the concept and decided on the features and functionality the product might have, initial sketching can begin.
Together with our industrial product design and development experts, you’ll iterate multiple sketches, taking into account aesthetics and user experience, ensuring we achieve the overall objectives at every stage.
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Digital Design & Simulations

Using the preferred sketches, we’ll move into the digital design stage. Using best-in-class CAD software, we’ll produce lifelike digital versions of the product. Here, we’ll use systems that help streamline the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, we’ll stress-test the item using digital simulations, allowing us to factor in any alterations that will need to be made before prototyping.

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When the product design is confirmed digitally, the time comes to create a physical, tangible product for you to hold.

Here, we learn how the product will function in the real world, assess ways to reduce manufacturing costs and ensure we’ve chosen the most appropriate materials and processes.

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Industrial Design Protection & Patenting

Before manufacturing, we’ll help you establish and register all the correct industrial design protection and patents needed for your product or invention.

This is crucial if your idea is original because you don’t want anyone else to steal your concepts before heading to manufacturing.

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Having successfully led the manufacturing process for many products, we have global connections that enable us to reduce manufacturing costs while ensuring the highest quality results.

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Marketing & Selling

Establish and execute a go-to-market strategy with our team of experienced sales and marketing experts. Whether you’re launching products digitally or need to establish a retail distribution network – we’ve got you covered.

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End-To-End Industrial Product Design Services That Get Results

Pick and choose the services you need, and we’ll tailor a package to suit your requirements. Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way or will work alongside you on the specific elements you need assistance with.

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Client Testimonials

Andrew Bosway

Product Development Manager, 4Ocean

Shark Designs attention to detail and execution is top class managing to execute from design stages to shipping to us within four months.
Tobi Doeringer

President, Mascotte

Oliver is one of the most innovative product designers with meticulous precision on making best in class products. His design company and business skills are at an exceptional international level and it’s always a great pleasure to work with him.

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We design and develop products that drive commercial success.

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We design and develop products that drive commercial success.