Hangover Haynets

We designed haynets that improve the interaction between horses and the materials used to feed them, with a patented circular opening mechanism for simplified packing.

Innovative Hay nets for Horses

Hangover Haynets are designed to hold more hay and save farmers time and effort while also providing a more friendly way for horses to eat their food. The hay bag design harnesses the healthier slow feed regime approach while its innovative combination of materials and design makes slow feeding a more practical solution.

Knot-Free Nylon Netting

Shark Design conducted thorough research into healthy horse eating patterns and approaches as well as which materials provide better interaction and consideration of their teeth. This led us to select a knot-free nylon material for the netting, which we had the capacity to produce at our manufacturing facilities. This netting is gentle on horse teeth and eliminates the discomfort they experience from other slow feed hay nets.

Patented Circle Opening to Streamline Packing

Hangover Haynets were designed to make packing hay in bags faster, easier, and less frequent for farmers. We developed a patent-pending circular opening design that provides the largest possible opening area to enable ease of opening, packing, and closing – saving time and effort. Due to their large size and ability to fill to capacity, farmers only need to pack Hangover Haynets once for long hauls and overnight stays, or when they’re busy managing their other duties. They’re a simple but effective way to streamline farming operations and save horse owners time and money.

Making Healthier Horse Feeding Enjoyable

Our partner noticed the pain point in the market for horse owners and farmers who wanted to feed their equine through slow feed regimes but their animals didn’t enjoy the experience due to the discomfort from chewing around the nets. Hangover Haynets completely bridge this gap, as result has shown horses prefer this eating system due to the innovative netting material.

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