Powercell 10000+ Portable Battery

We designed, engineered and produced this high capacity battery from start to finis

Powercell 10000+ portable battery

Shark Design developed a smart fitness bar featuring Bluetooth technology and mobile app connection to enhance workouts. We created this product within six months end-to-end, ensuring it was functional, purposeful, and high-quality.

Engineered to Precision

Each component was designed and engineered to contribute to the collective high-quality and functional portable battery.

Combined Power Source

The combination battery and wall charger includes a built-in Apple Lightning™ cable and Micro-USB, with folding AC prongs to charge most devices.

Compact and Sturdy Design

Our designers consider everything from carrying convenience and style before arriving at a final design that optimizes these features.

Simple Recharge Function

The Powercell 10000+ acts as a typical wall-plug power charger while it’s recharging itself so that consumers can connect to the power source at all times.

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We design and develop products that drive commercial success.