Portable Hair Pick

This collapsible hair pick is thoughtfully designed for ease of use, portability, and versatility, making it an ideal companion for anyone who values maintaining their look with ease and convenience, wherever they are.

Collapsible & On-The-Go 

This innovative collapsible hair pick is expertly designed for those who need a practical grooming tool while on the move. Its compact and foldable nature makes it an essential item for anyone needing to maintain their hairstyle throughout the day, be it at work, after a gym session, or on travels.

The hair pick offers two length options, allowing for versatile styling choices whether you need to fluff, detangle, or style your hair. The adjustable lengths cater to different hair types and styling needs, providing either a broad reach for thick, voluminous hair or a shorter, more controlled configuration for finer, more delicate hair textures

Built-In Mirror

This tool features a built-in makeup mirror, a thoughtful addition that enhances its functionality. The mirror is perfectly sized and conveniently placed, making it easy to check your appearance and make quick touch-ups on the go. 

This dual-purpose feature saves space in your bag and simplifies your beauty routine, merging hair care and makeup tools into one compact solution.

Hands-On Design Approach

To ensure the design works as intended, and to address any possible issues in the design, we plan to create prototypes in a systematic manner, allowing us to examine each mechanism closely. For the hair picks, we employed a flat spring mechanism to ensure the parts snap securely into place, maintaining the hair pick’s stability during use.

Open Window Packaging Design

The packaging for this product features an innovative open-window design, intentionally crafted to give consumers a direct view of the actual item inside. This transparent approach not only allows potential buyers to assess the product’s quality and design firsthand without opening the package but also serves as a visual confirmation of what they are purchasing, enhancing trust and satisfaction.

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