Portable hair picks

A collapsible hair picks that is perfect for on-the-go use, contains two length options and a makeup mirror.

Collapsible and perfect for on-the-go use

The portable hair picks are designed to be completely collapsible. The size of the hair picks is around a standard mobile phone size. Users can collapse the hair picks by moving the yellow slot up and down the track.

Serve as a makeup mirror

When the hair picks is opened, it also serves as a makeup mirror. With the angular joint, the mirror stays up and slanted for ergonomic use.

Hands-on design approach

– To make sure the design function as expected and eliminate potential pain points of the design, we would develop step-by-step prototypes to check each of the mechanisms. In the hair picks, a flat spring is used to push the parts in position so that the hair picks to stay in place during use.

Open window packaging design

An open-window packaging design is used to show the users the actual product. Printed instruction is presented both in the front window and the back so that consumers can easily understand the product functions.

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