The Pickleball Scoreboard

The Pickleball Scoreboard is the pioneer of the only functional scoring system in the industry, set to redefine Pickleball scoring.

Story of The Pickleball Scoreboard

In 2022 at the US Open, we noticed persistent score disputes and confusion amidst the players. To our surprise, there was no visible scoreboard to streamline the game, even at the grandest Pickleball event. This revelation sparked our determination to make a difference and provide the industry’s only functional and efficient Pickleball Scoreboard.

How Our Pickleball Scoreboards Work

Our Pickleball Scoreboard boasts a straightforward and dependable manual system that enhances your pickleball experience. Crafted from top-notch acrylic, the scoreboard not only exudes durability but also maintains a timeless aesthetic. The user-friendly design includes scoring arrows that are effortlessly adjustable along a horizontal line, allowing you to keep track of scores with ease during intense gameplay sessions. This combination of durability, simplicity, and functionality ensures that our Pickleball Scoreboard is not only a reliable companion on the court but also a stylish addition to your pickleball setup.

Product Packaging

The combination of the outer carton box for rigidity and protection, along with the inner foam inserts for cushioning and stability, creates a cost-effective yet reliable packaging solution. It strikes a balance between affordability and functionality, meeting the requirements for safe product delivery while keeping packaging costs in check.


The bespoke graphics of The Pickleball Scoreboard are tailored to create a positive and engaging experience for children, combining clarity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. 

By utilizing a well-thought-out color scheme and intuitive design elements, the scoreboard enhances the overall pickleball experience for young players, making it both educational and enjoyable.

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