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London-born Oliver Evans is the founder, creative director and CEO of Shark Design, an award-winning international design manufacturing firm with offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen (China), Miami (USA), London (UK), and Dubai (UAE).
In 2000, aged 18, Oliver started his first company in the English capital importing electric scooters from Taiwan. Later on, he developed self-balancing technology for electric motors, and he now owns several patents for his inventions.
Oliver’s experiences in Shenzhen with unnecessary factory delays, quality control issues, and the copycat menace inspired him to take personal control of the supply chain, bringing assembly fully in-house, and managing production lines with dedicated quality controllers.
The operation is always expanding, most recently with Shark Ship (the export shipping arm), Shark Investments (to finance promising startups), and Shark Digital (to design and run NFT campaigns).
Oliver’s persistence has resulted in co-operations in over 50 countries. His assignments have involved quality product launches for international brands, including retail partnerships with Walmart and Target.
Our founder is passionately committed to the development of fellow entrepreneurs, and is happy to extend the benefits of his own experience. This spirit of supportive creativity is at the heart of Oliver’s work.

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We design and develop products that drive commercial success.