Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Our invention of the off-road self-balancing two-wheeled electric scooter represents a leap forward in personal transportation, offering users an exhilarating and practical way to explore outdoor environments while embracing the latest advancements in mobility technology.

Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Inspired by the rugged off-road tires and adventuristic nature of monster trucks, we invented and developed the off-road self-balancing electric scooter. Our teams collaborated for a year to take the idea from inspiration to shipping the successful product to customers.

Large-Scale, End-to-End Success

Our product has since sold over 50 million units. We managed the entire project from industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, marketing to production and shipping.

Off-Road Electrics

Our electric scooter’s mechanical capabilities and technological advancements converge to redefine off-road mobility, unlocking new possibilities and paving the way for electric vehicles to venture into uncharted territories.

Package Design

The collaborative efforts of the design teams resulted in packaging solutions that not only met marketing objectives but also optimized logistics efficiency, supported retail strategies, and contributed to a positive consumer experience from purchase to unboxing.

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We design and develop products that drive commercial success.