Bobaby Snail Snacker

A BPA-free Snail Snacker that provides a fun and educational snacking experience for young kids.

Kid Friendly Snail Snacking Experience

The snail snacker provides an independent learning experience for young kids while enjoying nutritious snacks. The clicking lips and hidden treats encourage young kids to recognize color and train their fine motor skills.

It comes with 8 sections that allow parents to prefill for young kids. The snail snacker is BPA free and dishwasher safe, giving parents a peace of mind while kids are enjoying snacks from this colorful cute snail snacker.

Ergonomic Sealed Lids

Through in-depth research, our design team comes up with ergonomic and child-friendly snapping lids for the snail snacker. Children can open the lid with the soft rounded tab. The sealed snapped compartment helps keep the snack inside fresh.

Bespoke Color Palette

The bespoke color palette of the snail snacker provides children with opportunities to learn about new colors while snacking. The pastel combination of colors works in complementary with each other.


The snail snacker packaging has a simple cost-effective two-part design. The outer plastic blister gives the rigidity required to house the snail snacker. The inner card is printed on both sides to show explanatory descriptions and graphics.

POS Display

We design and commission POS displays to maximize display capacity, for instance, this 1.5m POS display can house 30 snail snackers at once.

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