Shark Investments Provides the Missing Link in Early Stage Financing

Shark Design continues to expand its operations. Ever looking to make the barrier to entry in product design more accessible, we are helping our clients worldwide to tap into fresh opportunities with the support of an experienced end-to-end business partner.

In today’s blog, we would like to introduce you to Shark Investments, which offers a range of early-stage financing options to our existing clients. We make it easier than ever for businesses to gain the support they need, all in one place.

Building on Existing Relationships

We talk all the time with entrepreneurs who are beginning to realize that bootstrapping is no longer an option for them. Sometimes they want to launch a new round, as they seek to expand their product line. 

Ideally, every early stage company will use initial Seed Funding to get their business moving and never need to raise another dollar. However, many startups find themselves in a position where they need another influx of capital to develop their concepts and expand.

Shark Design always strives to know the client’s product intimately. That’s crucial in product development, but it’s also the kind of relationship you need with an investor. Shark Investments was born out of that necessity.

A large majority of startups will simply perish without adequate early stage seed funding. 

One remarkable trend in recent years is that the median age for startups engaged in early stage fund raising (at the seed or angel level) has increased from around one year to nearly three years. However, we tend to see this slowdown as a positive development, as it is mostly down to the temperance of larger investors who are more willing to sit it out for longer periods as their investments blossom.

It’s a good sign, as it suggests that many investors are taking a closer interest in their portfolio companies. There is no rush; they know that good timing is everything. We like that attitude.

$50m Fund

Operating out of our Dubai headquarters with a fund size of $50m for the first year, Shark Investments provides the missing link for entrepreneurs and startups worldwide. 

Growing businesses need accessible ways to develop and refine their prototypes, complete with tooling and manufacturing, at a reasonable cost. For those exceptional early-stage companies that choose to work with us from the beginning, we provide funding and expertise to launch brands to the mass market. 

Thanks to our highly specialized network of experts, seed mentors, and investors, this can be achieved without access to major retailers like Walmart or Target.

Investments are by share exchange (our minimum investment is $250,000) or via license agreements, where we take ownership of the patent and pay royalties. We help you attract paying customers, reach a satisfactory investor-readiness level, complete a follow-on financing round, and much more. 

Our systems will shortly be integrated with the blockchain, enabling us to conduct transactions using cryptocurrency, as well as generating smart contracts.

See the Shark Investments website if you want to secure seed funding and power your business to the next level.

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