Shark Design Announces Launch of New eBook To Help New Inventors Bring Their Ideas To Life

World renowned product design agency, Shark Design, is proud to announce the launch of their new comprehensive eBook specifically designed to give aspiring inventors a clear and concise guidebook to help them bring their ideas to life. Titled, “A Guide To Inventing Your Idea With Shark Design,” the eBook takes a look at all of the major aspects that inventors must consider when exploring an idea for a new product.

Separated into clearly defined chapters that chronologically outline the inventing process, the eBook covers everything from market research, product design, and engineering to prototyping, manufacturing and sales and marketing. Additionally, the eBook also provides deep insight into the process of applying for provisional patents to help inventors take advantage of temporary intellectual property protections as they work to generate profits and interest in their products before applying for the expensive and complex non-provisional patent. As a clearly defined guidebook, Shark Design aims to provide insight, knowledge, and support to aspiring inventors who believe their idea might be the next best thing on the market.

A spokesperson for the company describes the book as “a helpful resource that not only outlines everything that goes into the inventing process, but also a window into the services that a world renowned product design agency like Shark Design has to offer. We provide services that cover every single topic discussed in this eBook, and we want inventors to be aware of that. We are firm believers that no inventor should have to go it alone – nor should they. Our team would be proud to partner with them and ensure that their idea has every opportunity in the world to see the light of day and make it to the marketplace.”

The eBook is currently available for download by visiting the Shark Design website. Click the link down below to learn more about Shark Design, what they have to offer, and how to access their new eBook.

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