How Can an Industrial Design Consultancy Help You?

Industrial design is usually focused on the aesthetic appeal, functionality, and manufacturability of a product but designers often have far more involvement throughout the whole development cycle. The core objective is to ensure the lasting value and utility of a product or service for end-users. We tend to forget it, but every single object that we encounter daily in our offices, homes, and schools was the culmination of a process, one that involved myriad decisions by an industrial designer to enhance user experience through smoothly executed design.

Boosted By a Start-Up Mentality

An experienced industrial design consultancy can help clients to identify suitable materials for the process, secure patents, and reduce the final overhead and direct costs of production. However, there are many other compelling reasons to enlist the help of a specialized industrial design services company. Maybe your team is too small and you’re not currently in a position to dedicate the necessary resources to the task at hand. Or, you might want to strengthen your team without hiring full-time employees. 

With Shark Design’s team of remote designers, you won’t have to worry about the expensive and time-consuming hiring process. But this isn’t just about efficiency gains, even if you prefer to keep your operations in-house as much as possible, it’s still very challenging to identify and quickly recruit a ‘full-stack’ designer that can handle end-to-end development in the way Shark can. Industrial design outsourcing gives you access to the top available talent pool in any field.

A Design Process Philosophy

Shark Design begins by striving to understand the end-user, defining problems, and ideating solutions. We tend to see ideas themselves as being similar to prototypes, as they require thorough testing to ensure that they satisfactorily fit client and end-user needs. At Shark we visualize initial concepts in a range of sketch and physical formats (including 2D and 3D sprints), enabling quick-fire iteration and assessment of early ideas. This enables the design team and client to review a wide range of possibilities and rapidly seize on key concepts for clarification and more detailed development.

Our experts in Miami, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen work closely with clients around the world to deliver innovative new products based on this design process philosophy with guaranteed high quality, cost-effective and dependable production delivered on time and on budget. By selecting Shark Design you’ll be in the safe hands of a trustworthy partner with the skills, experience, and processes to catapult your new product to market successfully. 

Are you interested in streamlining your industrial design with an experienced team? Contact the professionals at Shark Design today for a free consultation. 

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