Chiller Body: The Body Cooler Reducing Heat-Related Illness and Making Work and Play Safer

The product development journey for the Chiller Body was an exciting one as our client and our team knew we were collectively tackling a problem that was inhibiting many different types of people performing many activities. In many parts of the world, excessive heat hinders workers and athletes from performing at their best and undertaking their tasks safely.

Excessive heat isn’t a new problem, but perhaps the consistency of the problem fueled society’s neglect of innovative design that we’ve seen for many other modern problems. Shark Design was tasked with the research, product design, and development of a body cooler – Chiller Body – that would be as agile and usable as it was effective at combating health-related illness.

The Problem

Overheating can put the human body in a dangerous position, where many may be required to finish their work or activity and put themselves at risk, or, stopping altogether, which is more responsible but causes major delays and inefficiencies. The task, then, was to develop an agile and lightweight product that could lower body temperature and decrease the likelihood of heat-related illness. 

The Solution: Chiller Body is a Freezable Hat Insert that Instantly Lowers Body Temperature

Chiller Body is a freezable hat and helmet insert that can instantly provide heat relief to anyone who needs it. Our research and development teams and designers worked together to create the Chiller Body. The research focused on the thermodynamics of materials to ensure the product could freeze quickly while providing coolness over a particular period for adequate heat relief to work and play outside for longer.

Our designers developed multiple plans and analyzed each one to arrive at an optimal personal cooling technology solution. The final solution is small and flexible enough to fit in nearly any hate and helmet, which suits the need to wear hats outside for sun protection or helmets for many work and sports activities. 

Agile, Practical, and Improving Safety 

The Chiller Body is built with a freezable material inside that transfers the cold energy quickly but without overwhelming the user to maintain a healthy body temperature. It combines the ability to cool the human body with the flexibility to be easy to wear while moving around and sitting comfortably above the head.

Dual Cooling Options

The final solution also has two different surfaces on each side. The ‘Extreme Chill’ side has a more permeable material and offers a high cooling intensity to rapidly cool the body when temperatures are high. Flip the product, and the ‘Cool Chill’ side with a denser material offers a gentler cooling experience.

Preventing Heat-Related Illness can Save Businesses Money and Enhance Outside Play

The Chiller Body has the potential to save businesses time and money, protect the health of workers and athletes, and enable everyone to have more fun outside safely. Together with our client, we developed many designs and iterations to arrive at a solution that can be implemented to prevent heat-related illness worldwide.

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