Our Capabilities

Research, prototyping & production. We have the right tools to meet any product brief

Innovation Research & Design Strategies

Ethnographic Research

Ethnographic Research

Observation and situational ethnographic research

Personas, stakeholder mapping and analysis

Journey mapping, task analysis, and critical thinking exercises

Market, trend, and opportunity identificationTest the solution

Ideation Workshops & Creative Spaces

Ideation Workshops & Creative Spaces

Ideation workshops in-house or at our Miami and Hong Kong product design studios.

Collaborative, creative workspaces to share and build ideas

Concept sprints, creative matrices, and team concept building

Modelling, mock-ups, storyboarding and prototyping

Electronic Product Development & Enclosure Design

Electronics Prototyping
Electronics Prototyping

PCB layout design, verification & validation

System architecture designSchematic design

Electronics prototype testing

Thermal modeling

Design for manufacturing verification

Rapid Injection Moulding
Rapid Injection Moulding

Compatible with 3D printed moulds or machined inserts

Well suited to small components

Provides testing of production polymers

Useful for validating material specific performance, i.e flammability, tensile or flexural strength

Industrial Design For PCB Enclosures

Aesthetics Design Detail

3D CAD Enclosure Modelling

Electronic Housing DesignInner Electronic Structure Design

Sample Enclosure Production

Electronic Manufacture & Production

Silicone And PU Casting

Available with either Silicone or PU materials

Utilises 3D printed moulds

Food safe materials available

Allows for stretchable or flexible components

Produces custom seals and diaphragm components

SLA Prototyping

Multiple resins available to match material needs, such as heat, flex and stretch

Rapid turnaround and well suited to higher volumes

Low cost

Rapid Machining
Rapid Machining

Used with common materials and Polymers, such as Aluminium and ABS

Useful for early CE and compliance testing without tooling

Provides consumer durable components and parts

Can be used for initial batch production

Pre-Production Modelling
Pre-Production Modelling

Pattern design and development

Well suited to small components

Materials testing and sourcing

FDM Prototyping

Various polymers available, such as Ceramic, Glass Filled, TPE, ABS, PLA

Well suited to structural and performance testing

Very low cost

Rapid turnaround

Prototyping & Golden Samples
Prototyping & Golden Samples

Pattern design and development

Aesthetics Design Detail

Client Testimonials

Andrew Bosway
Product Development Manager, 4Ocean

Shark Designs attention to detail and execution is top class managing to execute from design stages to shipping to us within four months.

Tobi Doeringer
President, Mascotte

Oliver is one of the most innovative product designers with meticulous precision on making best in class products. His design company and business skills are at an exceptional international level and it’s always a great pleasure to work with him.

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